Any criminal charge can be a terrifying prospect, but even more so when it is your child that is being accused of committing a crime. Juvenile court is a different process than other areas of the justice system, but the attorneys at Cummings & Petrone have years of experience handling juvenile cases.  Joe Petrone spent several years in the juvenile division where he worked closely with the guardian ad litem, the county attorney, the Department of Human Services, and the probation department in an effort to find resolutions that address the best interests of the particular child. His main focus being, providing the structure and treatment necessary to ensure that child wouldn’t end up back in that courtroom. Joe is also actively involved with the Center for Family Outreach, a local non-profit organization that offers a broad range of classes, including education on drug and alcohol addictions, anger and conflict management, improving life and social skills and a parenting series on the challenges of adolescent development. 

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