Drug Offenses & Traffic Violations


A drug charge should always be taken seriously. Whether you dealing with a serious addiction or just a victim of circumstance, a drug charge could affect multiple aspects of your life. Most times drug charges are filed as felonies, and notwithstanding the potential for prison time, a conviction may also lead to a loss of driving privileges and an inability to find employment in the future.

Cummings & Petrone will help you identify suppression issues and make sure the police didn’t overstep their authority when searching you or your belongings. There are times when drugs are found in the general vicinity of multiple individuals and there isn’t any solid evidence to say who actually possessed them, so the police charge everyone. Cummings & Petrone have the experience and ability to communicate with the prosecutors and judges handling the case to point out such a deficiency when negotiating the best outcome for the case.


The Attorney’s at Cummings & Petrone believe traffic cases should be fought with the same zeal as any other offense.  Traffic citations can have just as much affect on your daily life by impacting driving records or raising insurance rates. Whether you have been cited with speeding, careless driving, or any other traffic offense, our firm can help you navigate this often confusing process.

Cummings & Petrone, LLP is experienced in the handling of Drug Offenses, traffic violations, and other related criminal charges. Contact them today at 970-484-2217 or schedule your free consultation.